family dinner at Genghis Grill

Going out to dinner with a toddler is pretty close to a nightmare. 
There is no way Elijah has the attention span to allow us to enjoy a full meal. 
Usually we are just trying to inhale our food as fast as possible and come up with enough distractions to keep Elijah entertained so we can semi-enjoy our own food and the atmosphere. 

When we had the opportunity to check out our local Genghis Grill and review their new interactive-style cooking, we were a little nervous. What was really going to hold Elijah's attention enough? 

Apparently, Genghis Grill can! 

Instead of just ordering from a waiter off the menu, you get to build your own bowl and choose all of your own ingredients for your stir-fry. This was a lot of fun not just for us but for Elijah too. He could see the different food options to add to his bowl and liked helping choose what would go in it. 
"No, I don't like carrots mom!" 
"Oh! I LOVE pineapple!" 

Once all of our bowls were filled with all the ingredients we wanted (meat, vegetables, spices, sauce, rice/noodles), we got to watch them cook our food on their giant grill. They even put on a little fire show which of course my little pyromaniac son absolutely loved. He wouldn't stop talking about it and kept asking for "more fire!!"

While we waited for our food to finish cooking, we went back to our table and were surprised to see each table had a little touch screen computer. You can look through the menu, order your food, and even pay from the computer at the table. But what is even better than all of that, they had games! In Adam's words, "Now that's just a genius idea!" Definitely beats the typical coloring page and 2 crayons you get at other restaurants. 

For just an extra dollar we got unlimited games to keep Elijah busy while we got to eat our food. He colored, dot-to-dot, memory, and Adam and I also played a short trivia game. It was really nice to have something to keep Eli entertained instead of him running around the whole restaurant. 

Though he eventually lost focus, because he's a toddler after all, it was one of the longest times we were able to actually sit and eat when going out to eat as a family. 
I think that's a pretty big accomplishment! 

Genghis Grill is as family friendly as they come and we were very happy with our experience. We are excited to go back and try new combinations for our stir-fry. 
[Savings Tip: The bowls are a good size and can definitely be split for a cheaper meal. Even the child size was pretty big and Elijah wasn't even able to make that big of a dent.]

Genghis Grill has revamped several valley locations to help make them more enjoyable for the whole family. You can see the new look at the following Arizona locations: 

7350 West Bell Road Ste. 201 
Glendale, AZ 85308
Phone: 623-334-2695

900 N 54th Street 
Chandler, AZ 85226
Phone: 480-785-2695

Paradise Valley 
4722 E. Cactus Road 
Phoenix, AZ 85032 
Phone: 602-765-2695

You can also find a Genghis Grill near you here.


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I was given a Genghis Grill gift card to check out their restaurant and menu. All opinions are my own. 

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