what I wish I knew in college

This is me, pouring over my overpaid textbooks in college and obviously looking pretty frazzled. 
But with how much textbooks are these days, it's not wonder college students are a bit crazy and have lots of steam to work off. I mean, I was poor and oblivious to what a "savings account" was and any extra money I had I ran out and got Beto's (the best burritos.... mmmmm.) But what college student isn't like that??? 

Well, Adam wasn't actually. He was good about money. 

My point is: 
If you are working your way through college, paying your own bills, and have to add textbooks on top of that, there's not much left to go around. Savings is a foreign concept. And you just end up eating your feelings in burritos. 

I'm not the only one right?? 

When thinking about how the price of education is continuing to increase, I feel like I'm already behind in trying to save money for Elijah's college expenses. Adam's schooling alone is steep enough to make anyone have a heart attack. 
(Funny sidenote: I met a new friend at the playground the other day and we started talking about education and when I ended up telling her how much dental school is, she literally grabbed her chest and gasped so loud. It's no joke people!!) 

But the one thing I can feel good about is knowing there are companies like Campus Book Rentals that make it easier to manage all those college expenses. Campus Book Rentals allows you to rent textbooks at 40-90% less cost than buying them from the school 
[when the professor insists on you getting the newest publication and it's $100+ more! grrr...]
AND you don't run the risk of your books losing their value in just a couple of months 
[and then you go to sell back that newest publication and you only get $20 bucks for it! more grrr...].

And even better, Campus Book Rentals also allows you to rent out your textbooks to other students if you have already bought them. With their Rent Back program, you can earn 2-4x MORE money than selling them back to the bookstore at the end of the semester. 

More burritos people!  

This video gives a little bit more info about the awesome Rent Back program.

Basically, I wish this was around or at least I knew about this 4 years ago when I started college. Because textbooks are the wooooorssssst!! 
Truly the bane of a college student's existence.
And any way a company can make it easier and get more cash in your pocket, I'm all for supporting.

And if I haven't convinced you enough of Campus Book Rentals great programs, here's another tidbit for you. Campus Book Rentals donates to Operation Smile with each textbook rented. So not only do you feel good about saving (and possibly making) money, but you can feel good that you are helping children all around the world with each book.

If you are in college, going back to college, or have friends or family in college now, you should definitely check out Campus Book Rentals to help make their college experience better.
And really, to get more late night burritos. :)

My best friend and roommate (and sister-in-law!) during one of our many burrito excursions :)

I was asked to review CampusBookRentals.com but all opinions are my own. 


Unknown said...

campus book rentals also does sweet contests on face book. My friend just won an xbox one! I spent over $400 a semester as a freshman and now I spend roughly $95-120 a semester because of websites like these :)

holli h. said...

my passion for late night burritos will never die :) Feel honored to get a cameo on your blog!

leean robinson said...

Thanks for this post. Besides seeing Holli's cute picture, I will keep this site in mind to help offset the cost of books for Travis and Josh.

Unknown said...

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