disco diva...??

pants: thrifted, H&M brand-new with tags! // top: thrifted, Banana Republic brand // shoes: Kohl's

I found these pants BRAND NEW at my favorite thrift store, with tags still attached! I was amazed and my love for thrifting magnified x1000. 

I have seen the whole high waisted/wide leg pants thing and had been really nervous to ever try it. I tried some on at a store once and they just didn't seem right. So I wrote them off. 

Then when I saw these brand new pants at the thrift store I figured I should give them another try. Soooo happy about them :) 

Although Adam told me my outfit looked like I was going to the disco... 
And Elijah said I looked like Jessie from Toy Story..? 
So maybe it wasn't the best choice?? 

You decide. 

Oh and the shoes! 
I posted them on Instagram when I got them and some people were not sure if they are even possible to walk in them. But I'm here to tell you that not only can I walk in them... 
I can DANCE in them!!!

this is me dancing. obviously. 

And that's the end of that outfit. :) 



katilda said...

You are killin' it in those pants! Cheers to thrifting, disco, Toy Story....all of the above. A girl in my ward wears shoes like that all the time and I haven't seen her faceplant yet, so, I guess the magic is true.

Brittany said...

I love this outfit! It reminds me of spring! Here in Pittsburgh its been a pretty cold winter. Love the roses on the yellow top! And those blue shoes are amazing!

vanessa • withgreatheart.com • attractive, affordable blog + web design said...

You make this outfit, you are so cute! The color of those shoes - love so much. That color blue gets me every time, I can never resist whatever I see in that color - shoes, purse, jewelry, everything.


Megan Tenney said...

Haha, dance it out! Not many people could pull those off, but you do!