Some funny Elijah-isms for you on this bright Thursday morning. :) 

The other day Elijah told me he was going to give me golf lessons. It went something like this:
"I be the teacher, mom. Okay. You hit the ball like this. Oh, almost! Oh try again. So close! GOOD JOB, MOM!!!" 
And then if I didn't actually hit it in the little hole, he picked it up for me and then would cheer as if I won the big prize. Such a great teacher! :)

Lately, everything is either his absolute favorite or absolutely disgusting. 
"I love water! Water is my favorite drink." 
"No, Mom, I don't like chicken. That's gross." 
"I love treats!" 
"I don't like those carrots. They make me choke." 
"I love popsicle yogurt!"
"That yogurt is disgusting!" 
It goes on and on... 

My favorite one though is: 
"I don't like those vegetables. Vegetables are gross. Only babies eat vegetables. And I a big boy!!" 
Good reasoning... 

After I had yelled and gotten mad at him allll day the other day, he still cuddled up to me before bed and said,
"Mom, I love being with you! We are two friends. We're family!!" 
My heart melted & I felt like a bad mom all at once. 

He said his very first prayer in Primary a couple of weeks ago and it was one of the proudest mommy moments I have had so far! He sat there so nicely waiting his turn, then he said most of the prayer by himself and said it so clearly and sweetly. A little girl in another class even said, "That was the cutest prayer!" 
I know. It was my boy :) 

And this is what Elijah likes to wear all day every day: pajamas and my Run Arizona headband. 
But seriously he changes pajamas at least three times a day. And once he gets home from school he just wants to get into his pajama pants. 
The kid knows where it's at! 


Gentri said...

Seriously cute kid! Miss you both!

Brittany T. said...

lol. he's so adorable! I love what he said as he cuddled next to you!

Amber Marie said...

how cute. dane is obsessed with pajamas too. pretty much as soon as he is dressed for the day he is asking when is it time to put his pajamas back on! can't blame them. in fact, it's 5pm and I'm wearing pajamas ;)

Alyssa said...

What a silly little boy!

Amanda Schroeder said...

He is such a character!!

Unknown said...

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