the chocolate monster rears his ugly head

it feels like this has been Elijah's permanent face lately. 
and it's almost {always} because of one of the following reasons: 

1. he wants chocolate milk 
2. he wants chocolate candy 
3. he wants a chocolate sucker 
4. he wants to chocolate milk 
5. he didn't get to blow out a candle [like in this picture]
6. chocolate milk 
7. chocolate 

chocolate is in his veins. 

for his very first solo prayer he said, 
"Dear Hevwy Fader, dank dee dis day. Dank dee..... chocolate cake. Amen."

i'm thinking we need a toddler chocolate intervention. 


Amber Nicole said...

HAHAHA!!! Owen's face has been looking like this an awful lot lately as well! It's usually when I say, "No!" to anything.

Heather Coody said...

LOLOLOL! Babies are too funny! My little one thanked God for sausage and bacon when she said her bedtime prayers several weeks ago. They crack me up! Give that sweet baby some chocolate and hire a sitter to endure the sugar rush... haha!

Unknown said...

Braden gets this way too. Seriously, the kid loves chocolate milk, oreos, and m&ms. Gets really upset if he can't have any, but I've been trying to be better at limiting it. Its hard some times!

Amberly said...

He knows where the good stuff is ;)

Unknown said...

That face shows exactly his I feel inside when I want chocolate. EXACTLY. This is hilarious!