recently, if Elijah asks me something and the answer is no he'll say,
"but just try, Mom!"
no, Elijah, pretty sure even if i try i can't fit inside the play tent.

whenever it's my turn to put him to bed, he always asks to cuddle or to rock because he knows i'm a sucker for a cuddly baby. he knows how to tug at my heartstrings that one!
which essentially leads to taking an hour to get him to sleep ever.
and so now most of the time it's Adam's job to put him to bed ;)

anytime he sees someone new he says,
"who's that, Mom? is he going to bite me?"
note: he has never been bitten by a random stranger. 

i hear, "Mom, what are you dooooooing?" 48 times a day.

if anything goes wrong or something break Elijah says,
"oh noooo!! what's going ooooon?!?!?"

asking him to brush his teeth gets this reaction:
we like to be dramatic in this household.

his new favorite game to play with me is to have me race his cars while he chases them around with his plastic tiger. and then the tiger eats them and they get blown up in the volcano.
obviously he's a boy.

when Elijah asks to do things that he's still to young for, we try to explain to him that he can't by telling him he's just not big enough yet and too little. so now he turns that around on us and when i ask him to do something [like pick up his toys] he'll say,
"oh, Mom... i can't! i'm too little. you do it."
looks like we need to come up with some new explanations...

love that boy!! 


Amanda said...

Haha! How cute! How old is he now? He sounds so similar to my daughter. She is constantly asking me "What are you doing Mama?" Literally every 5 or 10 minutes. Haha.

Amberly said...

These posts always make me giggle! :) I love them!!!

Kelsey Eaton said...

Can I please have a child just so I can listen to funny things like this? This is the majority of the reason I love teaching sunbeams. Their little sayings are so cute and funny!

Lix Hewett said...

Haha, well, they MIGHT bite him! One can never be too cautious.

Alexis Kaye said...