other California highlights

p.s. Eli just woke up from his nap before these pictures and we were lazy and didn't change him back into underwear. plus babies running around in diapers is just hilarious. 

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our California leg of our 3-week vacation was a busy and fun one.
Adam's family kindly kept us entertained the whole time we were there and we loved being able to relax and spend time with everyone after a busy year.

some favorite highlights include:

Ports games, astronomy night at the park {we saw Saturn!}, feeding the ducks & getting bullied by geese, Adam going through extreme measures to avoid his 8th grade science teacher, chasing skunks, Adam becoming a man and fixing the car (a lot... our car has lots of problems), boating with grandpa, Elijah bonding [and teasing] with the cat, playing in a backyard!!, swim lessons with grandma, air hockey, playing with uncles, dates, and i read 4 books!

guys, do you even know what that means??
i had time to read!!!
seriously. it was amazing.
Elijah outside playing + i'm in a comfy recliner reading = dream life

all in all, it was a great vacation!
definitely much-needed, lots of fun, super relaxing... all the key ingredients that makes a trip the best.

thank you California family for all the fun memories!
and of course for letting us mooch for longer than originally planned :)

also, Elijah's side-eye in this picture is the best.

he might've been a little sick of the pictures
or life jacket. 


Amberly said...

I'm jealous of your vacation... that is all! :)

katilda said...

Yes, that side eye is best. Also, for some reason this was hilarious to me: "Adam going through extreme measures to avoid his 8th grade science teacher." I'm the type of person to like...HIDE...from people in grocery stores rather than face awkward small talk. I can't imagine what I'd do if I saw an old teacher. Run? Create a diversion?

Brittany T. said...

what a fun time!! that last photo is hilarious! I am glad you had to really read!! :)