Shaver Lake

my favorite little church
ha!! this picture makes me laugh so hard.

so let's continue with my photo dump of our vacation. because that's just the easiest.
[and bonus journal entries!]

we were able to spend a couple of days at Adam's grandparent's cabin while in California.
Adam's parents amazingly made it all work out really last minute and we were so grateful to be able to go spend some time in the pretty mountains at Shaver Lake.

the first time we went to the cabin was right after we were married.
and it was also the same California trip that we found out i was pregnant with Elijah.
so.... kind of a circle of life moment. :)

we went boating, swam, climbed on rocks, collected sticks [that was Elijah], ate our weight in gummy worms [also Elijah], enjoyed an awesome mountain storm, hung out by the fire, went shooting, kayaked {and went all the way to the dam!}, swam some more, ate more gummy worms, and basically just had an all around awesome time.

Elijah had the best time and loved just floating around on his little giraffe floatie out in the lake.
he had so much fun that he would pass out the minute he was forced to stop moving.
i call that a successful trip!

thanks for all the fun memories, Shaver!


Amberly said...

Elijah's facial expressions are probably my favorite thing ever!

Amber Nicole said...

I died laughing at the picture of Adam holding the axe wearing the "do work" shirt! So funny

Jenna Foote said...

Oh my gosh, NO WAY!!! Dillon's family has a cabin up in Shaver Lake! It's on Little Shuteye Lane, if you know where that is. Crazy! I thought we were the only people who knew about that little piece of paradise in Nor Cal. LOVE it up there!

holli h. said...

looks like elijah is loving that inflatable giraffe. i don't know why, but those pics made m imagine him floating away on his little giraffe and having a "where the wild things are"-esque adventure.

I still need to experience shaver! I don't consider myself a true member of the robinson/malan clan until i do!! (and pismo)

Housel said...

Oh man, these pictures are making me crave for a Lake Tahoe vacation.

Love Elijah's faces:p

Live Laugh Love said...

What a beautiful lake it would be so nice if we had the money I'd go to a lake every year it's so relaxing & the kids love it (: