soccer mom

i'm officially a soccer mom.
and i seriously L O V E it!
never thought i would enjoy the title of "soccer mom" as much as i do.

i decided pretty last minute {i.e. the night before it started} to sign Elijah up for soccer.
i was debating about it all summer and then when i saw it was starting soon i just went for it.
our apartment is small, Elijah has toooooons of energy, and so i felt like it would be beneficial for all of us to have something productive for him to use up all his craziness on.

and he LOOOOOVES it!!
right after soccer is over, Elijah says he wants to do it again.
can't get enough!

i was nervous that he wouldn't really listen or know what to do
but he actually does really well.
[minus when he was being super stubborn last week...]

it's so funny to see his little legs try to maneuver the ball
and to watch how he runs full force across the gym.
{tongue wagging :)}

it's just another milestone that really accentuates how big and independent Elijah is getting.
it makes me so happy to see him grow up and & learn so many new things,
but at the same time i just want him to be my little baby for a little bit longer.

i mean seriously, soccer?!?!
how is time moving so fast!

but he's so dang cute at it :)

[i feel like it's impossible to get good pictures of running toddlers, especially inside. any pros/semi-pros have tips??]


Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

Awe, how fun!! I'm a baseball mom! I always wanted to be the mom that was running her kids to after school practice and games! Can't wait for updates about how E does in soccer!

Desiree @ Mano y Metal said...

isn't it great?!
soccer moms rule. :)