when mommy is away....

the baby will play 
{and get totally spoiled!} 

while i was at Girls Camp my parents came to watch Elijah since Adam is working this summer. 
he got to go swimming, play at the park, ride the carousel at the mall, and eat chocolate every.day. 

the day i got home i saw him getting into the chocolate and i told him he couldn't have any until after lunch. of course, grandpa was the one sneaking him the chocolate like he did the whole week i guess.... 

those grandparents...

i keep hearing things like,
"it's a grandparents' job to spoil their grandkids." 
"i'm just doing my duty." 
"oh, he's just a kid, it's not going to hurt him." 
"i'll just download another iPad game that Eli will be addicted to in a few seconds." 
[the last one wasn't actually said but it was done]

and i'm thinking.... where these people when they were raising me?!?!

it's amazing how grandparenthood can change people... ;)


Ashley said...

My parents are the exact same with my boys!! I know! totally different than they were with me! So fun that you were able to go to girls' camp!

Unknown said...

Can I just say I can't WAIT to be the grandparent!!!

Unknown said...

haha, it's their chance to not be the disciplinearian! If I'm babysitting I totally discipline, but if my sister's are there, I just spoil.

Courtney B said...

Spoiled indeed!! How fun :) My parents (mainly my mom) tells me all the time how she will spoil Mia rotten and then send her home to me when she is ornery and crying. Ha! She told me it's called payback.... I'm not sure why? I was an angel child ;)

Amanda Schroeder said...

Sounds like he has some super great grandparents :) He's adorable.


Alisha said...

Hahah something always happens when parents become grandparents. Their mindsets completely go burzurk. It's like everything they learned when raising us as kids goes out the window when they have a grandbaby in the room!

Love the pictures in the pool. The water reflection is awesome on the lighting!

Hope you're doing well!
Alisha and Brandon {the blog}