this man.

this last weekend Adam is taking his dental boards, it's his birthday, and then it's Father's Day. 
so this weekend is pretty much all about Adam.

i wanted to take the next few posts to talk about why i love Adam & celebrate his amazingness.
[and since we spent some time partying this weekend, i'm catching up :)]

these last few weeks have been doozies
emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually.... 
bad days one after another. 

looking back now, especially as we celebrated Adam's birthday, made me even more grateful for this man that i married. 

this man who says how he once thought about becoming a psychologist and has since become my personal counselor, listening to me, validating me, and comforting me through all that has hit us. 

this man who puts Elijah to sleep at the end of the day because my mind and emotions are totally shot. 

this man who has given up his whole summer to earn even a small wage so his family can be taken care of still comes home ready to make the most of the few hours we have together during the day. 

this man who compliments my cooking even when it's the most ambitious and disastrous.

this man who has supported me in my callings and work including when i went to Girl's Camp for a week at the start of his new job and in the middle of studying for his board exams {and spent a week alone with his in-laws!}. 

this man who continues to love me when i don't feel like i deserve it a lot of times. 

this man is the greatest thing in my life. 
and i'm so grateful he was born on that June 15th day 27 years ago. 
because without him i'm pretty sure i'd be even crazier than i am now ;)

and as Adam says that you are all probably sick of my gushy posts about him, this concludes my blogatory celebration :)


Amanda said...

Aw. I love seeing posts like this. It's so good to know there are happy marriages out there! You hear so much about fighting and divorce, it's hard to remember that's not the norm.

Tori said...

This is so sweet. I love your praising of him.

Unknown said...

so so sweet. loving these posts. wish i could find a husband as wonderful as yours!!

Amy said...

such a good picture! you look beautiful.

Unknown said...

I love that picture of you and I seriously love the way you write about your marriage. You're always so honest and even when things are tough you can always sense your hope and faith in the future. Your husband sure sounds like a rockstar. :)