some things i'm loving about Elijah lately. 

yesterday when i was making dinner, Elijah pulled up the chair to help me and said, "Mom, that's chicken. i LOVE chicken!! it has ice on it? (frozen chicken) oh, it's so beautiful, Mommy!" 
where does he come up with these things? 

tonight as i was getting Elijah ready for bed i asked him to put his hands up so i could take off his shirt and he started busting out "Party in the USA" and dancing around. 
coolest kid i know. 
{and proof that he is definitely my child} 

he also loves listening to FUN. & The Format. which obviously makes my fangirl-mama-heart proud. 

i bought him some sunglasses at the dollar store and they are his new favorite things. 
he refuses to go outside without them. 
he looks really cool and really nerdy at the same time and i love it. 
best dollar ever spent. 

i guess i cut myself shaving the other day and Elijah, who hates blood, saw it and ran up to me saying, "oh no, Mommy!!! what happened? you need bandaid? ohhhh noo...." 
it was so sweet and tender to hear his concern. 

the older Elijah gets the more fun he has become! 
it's so fun to see the way his little mind works and the new things he comes up with. 
he's my favorite :)


Unknown said...

he is just the gosh-darn cutest!!

Amberly said...

Elijah isms are my favorite!!!! If I ever met him, I would just give him a massive hug. And then he'd be freaked out because sometimes I forget that the children I read about on bloggers' pages have no clue who I am, unlike their mothers, and so I'm just some crazy stranger who thinks they are awesome and knows a lot about them! Yep... I'm a freak! :)

Aimee @ Like Mother Like Daughter said...

so stinkin cute! ps i love fun and i loved the format!

Katie said...

oh.my.precious. i love that he thought the chicken was beautiful. so cute. and that he was so concerned about your cut. oh my heart! can't wait to hear what ellie will say at that age!

Amanda said...

Goodness, he would get along great with my daughter! She says stuff like this all the time, I love it!!

Unknown said...

What a sweetheart!!!

Alexis Kaye said...

He is such a cute kid! And I was so impressed with how good he was yesterday! Love him!!

Unknown said...

Party in the USA. Love it! He is such a smart kid!