doing hard things

this weekend Adam is taking his dental boards, it's his birthday, and then it's Father's Day. 
so this weekend is pretty much all about Adam :) 

i wanted to take the next few posts to talk about why i love Adam & celebrate his amazingness.
Adam's White Coat Ceremony in October
right now, Adam is sitting in some cold room taking a 400-question test that at least 4 people told him felt impossible to pass. but even though i'm nervous for how he'll feel afterwards & having to be cooped up in there for 8-hours, i'm not too worried about his scores. 
because knowing Adam, he'll pass with flying colors. 

Adam is one of the hardest workers i know. 
he goes to school early and stays until dinnertime working and studying. and then after dinner he is still going through his notes. all while still taking care of Elijah and helping entertain my parents while they were here for 3 weeks. 
oh yeah, and did i mention that he just finished his first year of dental school at the top of his class?? {smarty-pants}

when he took the DAT, Elijah was only a month old and was not sleeping through the night at all. the day of his test, we were both going on hardly any sleep and i was running around trying to put together a bridal shower. it was crazy to say the least.... and then he scored in the 98th percentile. 
boom. nailed it. 

this is the story of Adam's life. things get hard, Adam works harder. 
in school, marriage, parenthood, church callings, and all other aspects of his life. it's amazing seeing him work. he truly rises to the occasion multiple times over and never complains. 

i am the kind of person that wears their emotions & stresses on my sleeves. and i'm not afraid to vent it all out to Adam. but Adam is definitely the opposite
no matter how stressed he gets, he remains calm & collected and pushes through it all. 
he's a huge example to me of doing hard things & finding joy in the tough times.  

it's really an amazing blessing to have such a guy as my husband. 
life is not easy, it's not fair, it's not as simple. 
it never goes according to plan no matter how well laid-out you planned it.
and no matter how many pictures you take or sugary coated words you write, there are always struggles that we have to face. 

i'm the type of person that easily dwells on the hardships, the pains & the sorrows. 
i lean towards the choices of giving up or wallowing in my own self-pity when things get tough. 
but Adam has helped me see the light to any situation. he has shown me that with enough motivation and determination anything can be accomplished, no matter how tough or impossible it may seem at the time. 

i know i've bragged before about Adam and his accomplishments, but i'm feeling extra proud of him this weekend as he is taking another huge step towards all that hard work paying off. 
i'm so grateful for all the sacrifice and hard work he does for his little family. 

he's a great guy to have by my side! 
and we can get through hard things. together. 

update: Adam came home and said he "destroyed that test." so i think he did well :)


holli h. said...

Adam does have an amazing work ethic, and from what I've witnessed, he's always cool and collected. I'm sure he'll ace his test. yay adam!


I saw this last nite I believe and thought I commented and now it's gone. weird

Heather Graham said...

How sweet! Sounds like he is a wonderful husband... good luck to him, and enjoy your weekend!

Tori said...

So sweet! He sounds great, and I'm sure he'll pass that test!

Kate said...

I love this. I've always admired how supportive you are of your husband!