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over the last couple of years of blogging i have met some pretty amazing people who have become very dear friends. Elizabeth is one of those people that i know came into my life for a reason and who i don't know what i'd do without. she is so fun to talk to, has the best advice, and is always there to lend a helping hand or give lots of support. we have talked about everything and anything and i love it all. i truly look up to her as a woman, wife, mother, and friend. i hope you take the time today to get to know Elizabeth a little bit better and find a good friend in her. 


It's no secret that millions of people around the world are struggling in unprecedented numbers and in ways many of us have never predicted before. In the US alone, more than 45 million people are living in poverty and 1 in 4 children is struggling with hunger. As a Mother and someone that has also struggled, these numbers crush me and make me feel helpless and scared, and seeing the dark changes unfolding in our world have made me become cynical.

However, at the same time my own personal struggles and path caused me to awaken in ways I had never imaged before. I have greater understanding of what others are going through. I feel an increased need to lead rather than follow. I question things more than I used to. And I feel determined to help as many people as I can in this lifetime and to teach my children that if we emulate Jesus' teachings we can truly transform this planet.

My ups and downs caused me to become spiritual whereas before I was a sort of atheist in denial. I called myself spiritual but in reality I wasn't at all. But when my heart needed comfort and faith, I found myself connecting with like minded moms ( like Megan!) who were praying and seeking solace in God. Many of my good friends who were once religious followed the same path that I did and eventually lost their faith and became cynical. And yet years later, like me they are contemplating Jesus' message to our world and how he embodied peace and kindness.

Is this not what we need to do? Was He not revolutionary? Did He not see the problems that faced mankind and instead of turning a blind eye, He stayed focused on Heavenly Father and His heart touched the lives of many, even now. He is the perfect example of how we can all stay hopeful and motivated to do good, even when times are hard. He built a community of like minded people devoted to peace. We can do that too both in our local communities as well as online. If we use the internet to unite us despite our differences we can make huge shifts in the world. We can learn from each other and grow.

I cannot express how grateful I am to the bloggers I have connected with and that have helped motivate me to become more prayerful and Christ centered. It has made such a change in how I face my own demons and how I choose to view the world.

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