to my baby daddy

this last weekend Adam is taking his dental boards, it's his birthday, and then it's Father's Day. 
so this weekend is pretty much all about Adam :) 

i wanted to take the next few posts to talk about why i love Adam & celebrate his amazingness.
some grainy pictures of the cutest boys :)
i can't let another day go by without talking about how awesome of a dad Adam is. 
the connection Adam and Eli have is one that leaves me full of love, joy, and even some jealousy. 
Adam knows how to calm even the worst tantrums. 
he knows how to get Elijah to sleep in less than half the time it takes me. 
he knows how to make the biggest boo-boo feel better. 
he will always be the much better parents than me. 

he's Elijah's best friend, 
his hero, 
and his greatest protector. 
i could never compete with the love they share. 

on days where i'm about to completely lose my mind, Adam steps in to make everything right again. 
seeing them together makes me fall in love with Adam {and Elijah} all over again. 

they're my people. 



Unknown said...

So sweet!!! Love this!

Alisha said...

"they're my people" - I love that! :)
such a sweet post, Megan.

Hope you guys are doing well!
Love ya, sweet friend.

Amberly said...

I love these ode to your husband posts! And I laughed when you tagged me in #widn because I'd just clicked on this post in Bloglovin', no lie! :)

Unknown said...

You're so melting my heart!

Kassi said...

AW! So blessed to have a husband that's also a great father!