life lately...

this girl...
we are obsessed!!
which is a good thing since she doesn't let us {or really just me} get a lot of sleep.
bed by 1am, eat at 3am & 5am & 7am, up at 10am for the day and no naps unless she's constantly held & nursed every 30 minutes to an hour.

good thing she's super crazy cute and happy and precious.
or I might've returned her by now ;)

Elijah is a great big brother and wants to help any way he can.
he's bounced her to sleep a couple of times and he was pretty dang proud of himself.
he loves her a little too hard but he loves her all the same.

school & studying has taken over Adam's life per usual.
he studies in his office nook until 10 most nights and then we watch Friday Night Lights.
and then I stay up with the baby for a few more hours while he swiftly passes out.
we desperately need a date.

mastitis has reared its ugly head again this weekend and I want to kill all things.
really it's more annoying than anything that I can't do anything and my body wants to die.
the things we do for our kids right??

and that pretty much brings you up to speed on why I'm lazy at blogging. :)


SaraC said...

Too cute! I love all your updates! Hope you get feeling better soon!


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

take all the time you need away from your blog. Glad you and your family are doing well.

annie andersen said...

Hey girl, I feel ya with the lack of sleep thing with 2 kids. Just the 2 kids alone is hard but throw in sleep deprivation and like you said, you start to hate all things! Haha. How are your emotions this time? Are you hangin' in there? I know I have had a rough first couple months with two kiddos.

Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley said...

Friend, I am sorry for the lack of sleep and Ky was the same! Only napped when I was holding her! And for the first three or four month man, I remember getting no sleep. Nursing ALL THE TIME!

But so worth it, right? Wait another few months and it will be easier sleep wise.

Is Elijah sleeping more?