the difference a bump makes

the skirt is so stretchy & fabulous. and I'm so glad I have this flowy oversized shirt. perfect for both stages :)

The whole pregnancy and post-pregnancy body stuff is crazy.
You spend 9 months seeing your body grow & change exponentially and try to come to terms with the fact that there's a good reason why you will probably never fit in jeans again. 
And then you get to a point where you accept that your body is doing something pretty crazy even if you gain a billion pounds and then you have your baby... 

and all those insecurities about how you don't even recognize your body anymore come flooding back.

I go back and forth between being in awe of my body and what it accomplished 
and how much I hate that all my clothes don't quite fit me right anymore and my pooch is setting up permanent camp on my abdomen [with some help of some Oreos].

The frustrations that I had after I had Elijah have made themselves known again. 
But I'm trying hard to not go to that dark, unhealthy place again. 
And embrace the pooch. 

I never thought I'd miss my bump and the reason why it was okay to eat junk without judgement. 
Or not have to be self-conscious about hiding bellies & curves.

Bodies are crazy. 
They are miraculous and beautiful and frustrating and take up too much time in my thoughts.
They are capable of the impossible and never get enough credit. 

So I'm trying to be more grateful for mine. 
20+ extra post-partum pounds and all. 
And also maybe start running... 


Unknown said...

you look amazing!!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

girl you look amazing for just having baby.

Unknown said...

I'm totally there too! My goal was to lose my baby weight before we started trying again, and let's just say it looks like we aren't having another kid. Hahaha. Have you seen the video of Jennifer Gartner talking to Ellen about her "baby bump" that's been going around? I think you'll get a kick out of it.

Kylie Pond said...

Did you see that Jennifer Garner video I posted on Facebook? Totally spot on. Also, I'm struggling more to love my body this pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Jake, I didn't get why women didn't love their bodies. This time, with a little extra already, I get it. I'm doing the same thing, trying to focus on the miracle. It does help to have clothes that fit and flatter, though! (My maternity wardrobe is seriously lacking in this.)

Anonymous said...

You look AMAZING! :) I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for those feelings of insecurity, which you explained perfectly. I'm just now embracing my belly bump and getting comfortable with it... and then baby will be here before I know it, and I'll have to get comfortable with the pooch for awhile. (It's not easy being a woman). I hope that I'll be able to focus on what my body just did, but it WILL be tough!