Love Dare: Week 2

 I'm really excited to join up with Tausha of Taush.0 this week for The Love Dare challenge! 
She asked some bloggers to help out each week with the daily challenges & printables for each dare and I get to help out with Week 2. {You can find the first week's challenges here.} 

It has been fun to follow along with each daily dare and help my own relationship strengthen. 
I know that when we put our marriages first and consistently work on our relationships, we can be happier and more capable to handle the things life will throw at us. 

You can follow along each day with the hashtag #bloggerlovedare. 
And be sure to check back tomorrow for my post on Day 9 :)


Day 8: Love is Not Jealous LDtracyBLOG // FACEBOOK // TWITTER // INSTAGRAM // PINTEREST 


Day 9: Love makes good Impressions


Day 10: Love is unconditional LDlisaBLOG // YOUTUBE // TWITTER // INSTAGRAM LD10

Day 11: Love Cherishes LDbethani BLOG // FACEBOOK // TWITTER // INSTAGRAM // PINTEREST


Day 12: Love lets the other Win LDnora BLOG // FACEBOOK // TWITTER // INSTAGRAM // PINTEREST LD12

Day 13: Love fights Fair LDannieBLOG // FACEBOOK // TWITTER // INSTAGRAM // PINTEREST LD13 

 Day 14: Love takes Delight LDsabrinaBLOG // FACEBOOK // TWITTER // INSTAGRAM LD14 

And that completes our Week 2 printables line up! Good luck this week! Make sure you stop by each of these amazing girls blogs this upcoming week for a breakdown on each Day's dare. There will be thoughts on marriage, relationships, love & the best thing you can give your marriage: perspective. ALL of us are here with a ready hand and eager ear if you need someone to talk to. Reach out. Follow #bloggerlovedare on Instagram for a quick & easy way to keep track of what day we are on. We will see you there.

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