green & stripes

pants: WalMart // top: c/o Belly Dance Maternity // shoes: WalMart

I haven't posted an outfit post in a while 
{for pretty obvious reasons... post-partum body woes}
but I couldn't wait anymore to post one of my favorite tops for pregnancy & breastfeeding. 

This whole outfit is a perfect maternity and post-pregnancy outfit. 
My favorite stretchy pants in green and the most comfy, ruched maternity & nursing top.

I received this awesome maternity & nursing top from Belly Dance Maternity the week before Anneli was born. And the first time I actually got to wear it was on my way to the hospital to give birth to my six pound little beauty. 

[This is actually the exact outfit I was wearing on the way to the hospital. I kind of felt pretty cute right before my body was ripped apart. ;)]

I LOVE this top for many reasons. 
Usually I hate maternity clothes. 
I feel so frumpy and ugly in them and I feel like they make me look 10x bigger than I really am. 
So this pregnancy go-round, I really tried to {literally} stretch out my clothes and make them work with my big belly or just buy the next size up in other clothes instead of buy maternity wear. 
But the tops from Belly Dance Maternity became my absolute favorite in just a short amount of time and I wished I had ordered them much earlier in my pregnancy. 
[and gotten a good belly picture wearing them so you'll just have to imagine a big belly instead ;)]
They really are very flattering for a growing belly and super comfortable! 

And then it transitions into a perfect post-partum nursing top!
First of all, it hides my extra flub pretty well and is not clingy or revealing in that way. 
And second, the top buttons down a bit and has a little flap for an easy & conspicuous opening for nursing a hungry, chubby babe. 

matchy gray stripes :)

I have worn this top at least twice a week since having Anneli because the style & functionality of it is just so wonderful. If you are pregnant or nursing, I highly recommend checking out Belly Dance Maternity for all your fashion needs. They have SO many cute items!

And from now until October 25th, you can use the code robinson for 20% off your purchase

Happy shopping! 


Unknown said...

you look awesome!!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

you look amazing

Kirsty and Seth said...

You look great! I love the outfit, I hope I look that good after I have my baby :)

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of this maternity clothing line, but will definitely check them out!
And YES to what everyone else is saying... You look AMAZING!!!!

Jacquelyn @justjacq said...

I haven't read in a while so I wasn't aware you just had a baby-- from either your blog posts (since it's been a while for me) or from your body! I wouldn't have thought you just had a baby at all. Congrats! And the outfit is super cute so I can see why you love it

annie andersen said...

I think I need that shirt. Like seriously that is awesome! So I clicked the link to Belly Dance Maternity and looked at some shirts but when I wanted to go back to your blog I realized that it wasn't there anymore. When I clicked the link it didn't open up another tab, just went straight to the website. So to keep your readers from being navigated away from your blog(which I assume is not what you want), I suggest having your links open in another tab. It's an easy box to click on when adding a URL link. At least it's that easy for me when I post links in my blog. Just some feedback I figured you'd appreciate =)