totally winning at motherhood #sarcasm

Elijah taking some headshots (cause I refuse to say selfies)

This week has been a rough one for the motherhood books. 
And it's only Wednesday... 

On Sunday Elijah was acting c r a z y 
We had even debated about really taking him to church cause he was already out of control. 
But we decided to anyways and he was... fine. 
After church though it was like all heck broke loose. 
He screeeeeaaaammeeed the whole way home in the car and then I put him in his room where he screamed and cried and banged on his door forever. 
When he finally calmed down enough to come out, he said his throat and head hurt. 
I told him it was just from screaming & crying for so long. 

He brought up that his throat hurt a few more times during the day but I just reminded him that that's why we don't scream our heads off when Mom tells you to be quiet. 

Then Adam said that he actually feels kind of warm...
So I checked his temperature and yep, 
high temp. 


So we decided to be lazy... for two days in a row. 
And last night I was up all night between the two kids. 
The baby wouldn't go to sleep til 1am and Elijah was up throughout the night and finally ended up in our bed around 2am. And then was up by 6am. 

I'm exhausted. 

Today, Elijah seemed to be back to his normal {i.e. crazy} self so I figured he was good to go back to school. When I told him he was going to go to school today he told me he was too sick still. 
Knowing that Elijah likes to really milk being sick, 
[cause then he gets to watch movies and cuddle all day]
I figured he was just faking it. 
Plus, he kind of got in trouble on Friday so he wasn't too keen to go back after that. 

I made him go anyways. 
He told me on the way to school that his ear hurt when he closed his eyes (?) but I still dropped him off. Later his teacher texted me to let me know that he kept holding his ear and saying it hurt and wanted me to come get him. 
When I picked him up, Elijah said, 
"Mom, I told you I was too sick for school!" 
[laying on the mom guilt pretty thick don't you think, Elijah??]

To the doctor we went and it turns out Elijah has a double ear infection. 

I'm 0 for 2 now on this whole sickness thing... 

I give up being a mom for the rest of the week. 

At least my babies are good cuddlers when we're all feeling worn out. 
And they have super kissable cheeks that I can smush to help me feel better :) 
{I mean, that's the reason you have babies right??}



Kim @ Pages and Pekoe said...

Don't beat yourself up! Mommy guilt is an awful beast!

Kelsey Eaton said...

I dont blame you! Most times kid are lying so what are ya supposed to do?!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Hope Elijah feels better soon