Elijah-isms: new big brother edition

Elijah loves his baby sister Anneli.
{sometimes a little too much!}
He loves to give her kisses and hold her and hug her and get in her face...

Here's some of his most recent funny Elijah-isms now that he is a big brother.

He always goes up to Anneli and says, in a really high-pitched voice,
"Hi!! Good morning!!"

He also constantly wants to "Ugg-Mugga" [from Daniel Tiger] her and give her loud, neck-breaking kisses. He's loving but kind of aggressively loving...

Every now and then he'll remember snippets from the birth and say things like,
"Mom, why were you screaming?"
"Why did the baby come out of your legs?"
I'm hoping not too many traumatic experience surface.

He wants Baby Anneli to be included in everything.
Last night I was singing him his "Baby Elijah" song and there's a part that I sing that goes, "Mommy & Daddy love our Elijah" and he made me add in Baby Anneli too.
It didn't quite go with the tune but I love that he wanted to make sure she was included in our family.

He comes up to me multiple times a day and says,
"The baby is so cute! Mom, why is the baby so cute??"

He gets super close to her face all.the.time. {biggest frustration} and then gets excited and says, "Mom the baby's looking at me!! Why is she looking at me?"
My answer always is, "Because she can't look at anything else!"

Breastfeeding has become a norm around here and I was kind of nervous at first about how Elijah would react. But he's done great and it's funny to hear his observations. He will ask me why I'm feeding the baby with my shoulders. And I'm okay that he believes that for a while.

It's also become so normal that the other day he threw one of my breast pads at me and said,
"Here mom, your milk is leaking."
You're welcome, future daughter-in-law. 

Elijah will ask if he can feed the baby or change her diaper and I'll tell him that he can't do that quite yet. He'll get kind of mad and say,
"But I'm the best brother ever!!"

Overall, even though it's a bit stressful and crazy and frustrating at times, Elijah has done a wonderful job with the transition to big brother!
He loves his baby so much and wants nothing else than to be with her and help all the time.
I'm so grateful that he's been doing so well so far and is so loving.
[even though he's a bit too loving at times.]

So proud of my little boy!


Unknown said...

Why did the baby come out of your legs �� Braden and Mae always get in Sutton's face as well. They just don't get boundaries, do they?

Unknown said...

Aww, so sweet.

My daughter was the same way when her little sister was born. Now little sis is 1 and a half and she is a TANK. She is so used to having a rough big sister, she can hold her own with all the big kids at the park, lol!

Jessica Sebastian said...

Oh, my goodness. The questions about the birth are the best! Haha! I was also a little nervous about breastfeeding {even though Elles is a girl} and she asked me, "Mommy, why is the baby eating you?" Couldn't decide which was more traumatic for her...