brotherly love

The other night Anneli was having a hard time going to sleep and was pretty cranky. 
I took her in her room to rock her and try to get her to relax. 

Elijah was postponing bedtime [of course] and busted into the room. 
He came in right as I was singing "Whistle Down the Wind" to the baby. 
He got kind of mad and said, "That's my song!" 

I told him that we can share songs and Anneli likes it when we sing to her too. 
I then asked him if he wanted to help me sing it to her. 
He was pretty happy about that and sat on the ottoman next to me, rubbed the baby's head, and sang every.single.word along with me. 

{and it's kind of a long song. I was impressed!} 

As he sat there singing to his baby sister and sharing "his" song with her trying to comfort her, I got pretty emotional over the whole view. 

Some of my concerns over how this whole sibling thing was going to be kind of melted away. 
Seeing the love Elijah had for his baby sister and how he wanted to take care of her helped put my mind at ease that they will be close and love each other, no matter the age gap. 

Going from one to two has been quite a bit more rough than I expected, 
[and also not as as rough as I expected... however that works] 
but that small moment between these two siblings helped me see that there is some glimmer for hope and peace amidst the exhaustion and tears. 

I have two kids!! 
Two of the sweetest kids in the world 


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Aww, It so cute that Elijah is helping you out.

Naazju said...

Mmmm, "Whistle Down the Wind" is a GREAT choice for a nursery lullaby!
How sweet that Elijah was willing to share. :)

Emma Frances said...

Oh my goodness. I totally know what you mean by it being quite a bit harder and not as hard. I remember having a few days in the very beginning {I still have them actually} where I was wondering why no one told me that having two would be so hard! Haha. And feeling like no one told me because it must not be the case for anyone else. I know in my heart that that's not true but in the moment I just felt like I must be the world's worst mom! And then there are those other moments where having two is just so perfect and you can see the love your little ones have for each other and you just can't imagine things any other way. Motherhood is such a funny thing!