things i'm loving: eFoxcity clothing

i found a new website obsession:

eFoxcity is a wholesale clothing website with the cutest tops, dresses, skirts, & jewelry at incredible prices. there's literally thousands of items to look at for men & women including cocktail and prom dresses inspired by designer gowns from the red carpet. 
[they even have wedding dresses!]

here is just a small handful of some of my favorite items from their store

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

aren't they all so cute!?
and there's so many more great items to choose from. 
plus don't even get me started on the jewelry.... cause i could be there for a while. 

it's definitely a great website to check out to get all the latest fashion trends at super low prices.
so if you're in the mood for a little shopping, head on over to eFoxcity and check out their styles now :)


2justByou said...

I love that dress in #1. I'm a new follower. =0)

Mimi said...

great picks! so pretty!!! :D

<3, Mimi