sparkly, gaudy, and fabulous

skirt: thrifted // top: Shade [no longer there but Shade is having a huge close-our sale right now] // shoes: Forever Young shoes in Utah // belt: vintage [my mom's old belt :)]

i found this skirt last Christmas at my favorite thrift store in California and i fell in love! 
it was my "splurge" purchase ($16) :) 

the other ladies behind us in line at the store told me it was pretty but i would probably never have a place to wear it. 
i would wear this every day if possible. 
date night, 
4th of July 
{Red, Sparkly, & Blue! :)}
play group.... 
(well that last one might be tricky). 

but really, this was probably my ultimate favorite thrift store find. 
it's so gaudy that it's fabulous!!

i just need some more ideas for tops to wear with it now.... 

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Traci Michele said...

you look GORGEOUS!

Here's mine for the week if you want to take a peek (Maxis, Lace & Sunglasses):

Unknown said...

That skirt is seriously fabulous. I have a huge obsession with sequins. Love this outfit!

Deidre || Love, The Skinnys

Francesca said...

Your title says it all! The outfit looks great.

Jenna Foote said...

Amazing outfit! I love your gaudy skirt. And by the way, I purchased some of my all-time favorite shoes from that Forever Young place in Provo. They're right here:

It's an old post from two summers ago. Don't judge!

Rita said...

You look amazing! If you get a chance, please link up to my What We Wore Party:

Unknown said...

I'd wear it with tanks or tees - black, gray, white and maybe a jean jacket?

Unknown said...

The ladies at the store tried to talk you out of buying this amazing skirt?! What a bunch of horrible saleswomen! You could seriously wear that for SO many different occasions, totally unique and awesome :D


Carly said...

I love it!


EveryDay Bloom said...

It really is a fun skirt. I think I would have had to at least touch it and think about it for awhile if I'd met it thrifting. Good for you, undeterred by the ladies at the store!

Love your expression in that last photo, btw. You're looking like you're about to laugh. Makes me wonder what was happening with your photographer...
Lynaea @

Housel said...

I love it! I would of probably not picked that out if I was the one shopping because I am a scaredy cat. Miss Plain Jane if you will, but you look amazing!