ice cream sandwich cake

for Adam's birthday {a month ago}, i made this yummmmmy ice cream cake for him. 
i got the idea from a friend and with their permission i'm going to share the recipe with you :) 

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

- 1 box of 12 ice cream sandwiches  [we used generic brand and it still tasted great]
- 1 tub of Cool Whip, thawed
- 1 bottle of Hersey's chocolate shell ice cream topping 
- 1/2 bag of Oreos, crushed [i used Double Stuff because i mean... is there really another kind??]

1. lay 3 ice cream sandwiches next to each other on your cake plate 
2. pour some chocolate shell topping on top of the ice cream sandwiches 
3. stack 3 more ice cream sandwiches on top, criss-crossing them if desired [i thought they would have a better foundation if criss-crossed]. pour more chocolate shell on top of second layer. 
4. repeat stacking the ice cream sandwiches with chocolate shell in between until you have used all your ice cream sandwiches. you should have 4 layers. 
5. spread the Cool Whip all around the stack of ice cream sandwiches until all covered. if you live in the hot hot heat like us, you will need to move fast as the ice cream might start to melt ;)
6. sprinkle your Oreo crumbs on top and around your cake as you want. i did a lot because i'm an addict. 
7. drizzle more chocolate shell on top of the cake. [before i added the chocolate shell before the Oreos then realize the Oreos weren't sticking as well because the Cool Whip was covered. so i think it would work better to do it last.]
8. place cake in the freezer to harden for at least 10-15 minutes. the longer the more solid it will be and not melty mush. 
9. ENJOY!! 
(10. if you have leftovers, it stays really well in the freezer and is still delicious to eat later!)

i hope you like this simply ice cream cake recipe! 
it's definitely become a favorite in our house. 
Elijah's been asking for it every day for a month, 
now that's a winner! 


Michelle said...

This looks so yummy!

Unknown said...

My mouth is watering!

Unknown said...

Man! Girl I'm supposed to be LOSING weight and now you go and put something like this up that I HAVE to make! Hahahaha

holli h. said...

genius. simply genius.

Ruthie Hart said...


Amberly said...

my husband would love this and it's so simple! :)

Grace said...

well, that looks DELICIOUS


Kelsey Eaton said...

Def making this for Tim's birthday next year!