little family adventures

they had this big telescope thing in the lobby of the Arizona Science Center that we played with before getting the boot.

a few weekends ago, we had big plans to finally experience First Friday in downtown Phoenix. over the summer, the Children's Museum is free on the first friday of the month so we decided it would be fun to take Elijah and have a little family outing. 
{since we never ever go anywhere outside of a 5 mile radius...}
but of course, just our luck, everyone else had the same idea and it was going to be over an hour wait to get in. in the bloody heat. with a squirmy toddler. 

so we nixed that idea and left the museum with a screaming & crying Elijah over our shoulder. 
[we had totally pumped him up for it then took it away from him... poor kid. he's got terrible parents.]

instead, we heard that the Science Center is pretty cool and it had a Sesame Street exhibit too that Eli would love. and it was supposed to be free that night too! 
so off we went to get smart. 

but nope. bad luck again. 
apparently the Science Center was only free for adults because they were serving alcohol during First Friday. and so again our efforts to be more cultured failed. 
no smarts for you! 

at that point, even though we were depressed and sweating from the gross, hot weather, it turned into a pretty fun adventure walking around downtown Phoenix and just spending time together. with Adam being in school full-time and then working all summer, it was starting to feel like we hardly ever had any fun as a family anymore. and even though every single one of our plans fell through, just being able to spend time together as a little family was all worth it.

plus this picture at the end...
the best thing ever!!!

[also, right after i got in line for ice cream, a HUUGGGEEE crowd came over from a big convention that was being held downtown. so that was one little bit of good luck that we them all! :) {but still had to stand in line for a half an hour....}]

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holli h. said...

Sky's band played downtown for First Fridays once. i've never been, but i've heard it's pretty cool! sorry for the bad luck, but it looks like it turned out fun anyway.

and that last pic of elijah! hahahahaaaaa....