my face is on fire {AZ update}

az 4

yesterday when we walked to our car it felt like we were walking in fire!!
{cause we have so much experience with that}
guys! it’s SO hot!!
[115 degree hot!]
even at night there is no relief.
and the pool feels like a warm bathtub.
this Mesa girl is not used to the heat after being gone for 7+ years

while we have been getting used to this heat, i wanted to give a huge THANK YOU to all my amazing guest posters who have covered for me the last 2 weeks.
it has been so nice to take a break & {stress/worry} just about moving.

here’s what we have been up to so far:

  az 3
{right before we drove away from our little Wymount apartment. i was crying obviously}

az 8az 2az 1   az 6az 7az 5

driving, driving, driving…
[most hellish drive OF MY LIFE!!]
trying to figure out how to decorate an apartment twice the size of our last one
{which is fabulous! but we feel a little out of place, ha}
trying to find ways to stay cool
enjoying our new neighborhood
missing Utah lots
[never thought i’d say that!]
organizing, organizing, organizing
craft projects
and trying to make our new place feel as much like home as possible!

thank you all for your patience during this transition!
i’m excited to get back to writing regularly and connecting with everyone.
i definitely have missed all my blogging friends the last couple of weeks and hope to get back into a better schedule once things settle down.

stay tuned for a GREAT giveaway soon to kick off coming off of this blogging break!
{hint: $50 gift card for jewelry :)}



::: PS since i’m having trouble figuring out decor, i would love your opinions on the top two photos of the apartment. bookshelves yay or nay? blue in bathroom yay or nay?

:::PPS with the move i forgot to announce the winner of the SwimSpot giveaway. you can find the winner here! CONGRATULATIONS!!


Angela said...

Wow girl you've been busy! Moving is crazy busy stressful (I've done it 3x with kids, and now am getting ready for our 4th and hopefully final move in 2 weeks). and 115 is friggin hot! dang! I like the blue in the bathroom...espcially the blue brown combo :)

Lisa said...

Megan try to sit tight for about "8" more weeks and then you'll reap the rewards of all your stress! It will be worth it..........soon! No snow, just open up your doors, windows and let the sun shine in for 6 months! Fair trade? Your homey looks sweet!

Lisa said...

Lisa Redhouse wrote the last one Megan

Autumn said...

Congrats on moving's impressive you have already unpacked! We have been adjusting to a place 2x as big's the best thing ever!

Pamela said...

Wow! Busy busy! Hope you're staying as cool as you can. We visited my husbands aunt and grandma in Gilbert a few weeks ago and I was pretty much dying!
Glad you're starting to settle in!:) I found your blog s bit ago and look forward to reading more!!:)
And I say yay to bookshelves always. I love books and bookshelves. Blue is apparently calming and a good color for the bathroom!:) it's always good to be calm in there, right?;)

holli h. said...

looks like you guys are settling in nicely! can't wait to see your new place... but in December when it is only warmish-cold.

Alyssa Dawson said...

You've been busy! Yes, it is so hot here! Yesterday we set a record high!!! So crazy! Just stay inside! haha!

Blake @ Steady Three Sixty said...

I loved reading all the guest posts, but I'm so happy you're back to blogging! I'm happy you made it to Arizona safely <3

Alexis Kaye said...

I like it all! I think you've done an awesome job!!! And there's so many fun things you can do for super cheap :) Your apartment looks really nice! YAY!!! Are you in the city of glendale?

Keetha Broyles said...

We moved from North Central Indiana to Central Wisconsin two years ago.

NO THANK YOU. Don't want to move again. It is MASSIVELY HARD WORK. I especially don't want to make a move of that DISTANCE again.

You have my empathy and my affirmation of "job well done!!"

Kassi Mortensen said...

Elijah's face cracks me up in the AZ sign pics... Looks like he all, "WHAT?!? is this business!!!!" haha

Gary and Jessa Olson said...

Agree with you on that! It's been crazy hot here. At least you have an apartment that is bigger. We have an apartment that is smaller.

Good luck with everything!

Amber Marie said...

Glad you guys made it there safely. I heard you have a super nice apt. Good luck on decorating. The best spaces are those that have been slowly added too over time so take your time. Very happy and excited for your family!!

Megan10e said...

One of my bathrooms is blue and tan/brown, so I say yay!

It'll get cool here eventually...I think. At least you missed most of the summer!

Health, art, and the girl gamer said...

Glad you arrived safely hun!!

Janae Pettit said...

Glad things are settling into place for you all!

As for the bathroom, if you're worried about too much blue, try bringing in a warm accent color--like a warmer brown or a sunny yellow. Sometimes too much blue can make some spaces feel too cool, especially if there isn't any natural light or windows.

For the shelves/tv area, I like it. But if there's something bothering you about it, try making the shelves less full. The decor and things other than books will stand out better if there is more space between the books and them. You may consider hanging a decorative wall-mounted shelf above the TV for more photos and smaller decorations along with whatever else you plan on hanging on the wall there.

Just some ideas to think about! (But I really do like it all so far--great job!)

MissTM said...

I've lived in AZ for 6 years and every summer gets hotter and hotter, but welcome back to AZ! :)