farm country

as it got closer to our moving date, i made a list of things i wanted to do in Utah before left.
{we pretty much didn’t get through any of them}
but one thing i was really adamant about doing was taking Elijah to Thanksgiving Point and going to Farm Country so he could go on a pony ride.

you see, Eli LOVES animals!! especially horses.
so when i heard about Farm Country and that is was only a couple bucks for a pony ride, i was dead set on taking Elijah there before we left if it was the last thing i did!
[which it was the last thing we did before we left, ha!]

i found out that my good friend Gentri was going to be in town that same weekend {who i really really wanted to see before we moved} so we decided it was the perfect excuse to finally head up that way to see Gentri and then check out Farm Country.!!
{i miss you, Gentri!!}

farm country 14farm country 15farm country 8farm country 9farm country 11farm country 10farm country 12farm country 19farm country 21farm country 20 
Elijah loved that he could get close to pet this little pony
but he would TOTALLY FREAK OUT if the pony turned its head toward him and would run away.
it was kind of the funniest thing ever!

farm country 11farm country 13farm country 18farm country 14farm country 6farm country 7
and i’m pretty sure i was more excited about Elijah’s pony ride than he was.
he treated it as if he was just on a regular carousel ride.
so ungrateful… :)

farm country 1 
  farm country 5farm country 10 farm country 6
[this sweet baby calf was born that same morning!]

farm country 7
farm country 15 farm country 8farm country 3farm country 3

oh Utah, we do miss you at times!

*some pictures taken with film and others with our phones.


Gentri said...

I miss you toooooooo!!!
I'm so glad you guys had fun in farm country!

Amber M. said...

Too cute! I'm glad you guys got to do a few things before you moved!

Stella said...

cute pictures!! looks like so much fun.

Ugochi said...

I hate saying good byes. But I trust you had fun while you were there!

Angela said...

Glad you made it back for a visit! Super sweet pics and what a fun family day <3

Brittany TYD said...

These pictures are so sweet! What a precious little calf :).