out of sorts

Eli sick 2Eli sick 1
[don’t be fooled by the above pictures. he woke up .2 seconds after it was taken]

this poor kid is sick {again!}
i feel like he is always sick…

but this time he acually is more aware of his body fighting against him which makes for some rough days/nights.
and it doesn’t help his already manifest OCD-ness.
anytime his nose runs even a little bit he screams, “BOOGER!!!”
and of course as you know runny noses don’t go away in one wipe so this happens every 30 seconds.
literally every 30 seconds at least!

hi. i’m going crazy.

after the first night {when i was up with him until 4am and then Adam switched shifts},
we got some medicine that has been helping him have a little {mental} break and better night’s rest.
he’s now doing much much better!

thank goodness for modern medicine!!
seriously. why don’t we sing praises to medicine more??

i’m glad for this experience to now know that Elijah hates snot,
loves peach juice,
likes PB&J when sick,
doesn’t like wet sheets/blankets of any kind
{wet from water like tears or sweat not urine. i wouldn’t want to sleep in wet pee sheets either},
in addition likes his sheets and blankets washed every.day,
likes to sit on my lap to eat his cereal and watch PBS in the morning,
and absolutely hates medicine of any kind!

it’s funny how you can give birth to a human being but still learn new things about him every day.

hope you feel better baby boy!!
can’t have you feeling sick for the first BYU game! :)


Autumn said...

It is always awkward when I get students who don't mind having snotty noses and I am trying to help them with it so they don't suffer socially for it.

Hope he gets to feeling better...sounds crazy!

Amber said...

sick babies are the saddest, but I always want to take pictures of them. Praying for you both!

Alexis Kaye said...

Poor baby! Poor momma!!! I hope he's getting better and you're getting some rest. And I like what you said about learning about your kids every day :) haha, they're learning about themselves too!!

Camille said...

Awww poor lil guy. I hope he feels better soon! Have you tried meltable/chewable medicine? I tell my daughter it's candy lol.

Pamela said...

Poor little guy:( being sick is so rough, especially when our little babies get sick. They are so helpless. He's lucky to have his mama at his side:)
hope he is feeling better!