Crazy that this little budding fashion star {kidding} is already 

As I've gotten older birthdays have become more of a reflection than a celebration for me. 
It's cool & weird & eye-opening
[& honestly sometimes disappointing]
to look back and see where I'm at and what I have accomplished. 

Sometimes I think I haven't done enough or fulfilled any of my big dreams that my little girl heart was set on. Sometimes I feel like I've hardly done anything at all with my life and just wasted time. 
In fact, I found a timeline the other day that I made in elementary school that said I was going to be famous by the time I was 20 or something... 
hah! yeah, that didn't happen. 

But then I remember that I have been able to reach some of the more important goals & dreams. 
I found another little memory page where it asked 
"What do you want to accomplish in 20 years?" 
My answers: 
- get a degree 
- write for a newspaper 
- get married in the temple 

And you know what? 
I did those things! 

I may not be a movie star, 
or famous singer, 
or a professional spokesperson. 

No one really even knows my name except the people in my small circle. 
Only Elijah requests songs from me. 
And he hates my lectures. 

But I have my family, my beliefs, and my education. 
I am happy & healthy. 
I have people around me who love me and who I can turn to. 

And that's all that's the best birthday present around!

Here's to being one year older!! 
Can't wait to see what 26 has in store :) 


Amy Fashion Blog said...

Happy Birthday

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Happy happy birthday! Cheers to this being the best year yet!

Carsedra McKoy said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! Wow 26, I can't even remember 26 (I am feeling really old right now, lol), may God bless you with many more wonderful years to come!!

Carsedra McKoy:

Stacie S-H said...

Happy birthday! Yay for July birthdays (mine is today). Cute pics btw!

Alicia Snow said...

Oh my gosh, Eli looks exactly like you!