leopard & polka dots

[top: thrifted // skirt: c/o Agnes & Dora // belt: from another skirt from Target // shoes: Kohl's]

Adam apparently thinks maternity fashion should be a little more... loose. 
[Can't hide that budonk-a-donk under anything!]
And a lady at church thought I was nuts wearing those shoes. Her comment: "Youth these days..." 

Obviously I love it! 

This skirt from Agnes & Dora is awesome! 
Well beyond awesome.
I'm obsessed.
It's so incredibly soft and light but really durable and high quality. 
I especially love that is has a wide band on the top so that it fits snugly around my belly. 
And it's not maternity! 
I can wear it after baby is born too and still feel like a cool mom :) 

Do yourself a favor and check out all of their items on their website
They have pencil skirts, maxi skirts, leggings, harem pants.. and all in fantastic colors and patterns. 
You need them in your life.

I forgot to include a special coupon code earlier for Agnes & Dora. 
You can use the code ROBINSON15 for 15% your next order :) 


So the countdown has begun! 
Last week at my appointment my doctor shocked me with the news that I was ready to have this baby and it could come at any time. He gave it a week and a half to two weeks tops. 

Going into that appointment thinking I still had a good 4 weeks to prepare especially after moving to a new house and all that craziness definitely threw me off big time! 
I've been running around like crazy to make sure everything gets done and I feel somewhat prepared for this little girl who has yet to have a name. Or a room that's not full of storage. 

But I went and got some onesies, a pack of diapers & wipes, and a going home outfit and it helped ease my anxiety a bit. And after waking up at 4am with what felt like the start of real contractions, I packed that hospital bag so fast and threw old blankets in the laundry like I was a ticking time bomb. 
Which basically I am. 
Nothing kicks in my "nesting" instinct like good ol' fashion pressure. 
{I've always been a master procrastinator}

So we'll see how many more bump pictures I'll get in before the little miss makes her debut!
I'm now taking bets on the birth date ;) 


Kelsey Eaton said...

Hmm my guess is the baby will come this sunday! Oh and that skirt looks so comfy!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

You are brave for wearing those shoe. I think I would have fall over. I know you will get everything done in time for the little one. Can't wait to hear what you are going to name her.

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Love this outfit! I hope I can be half that stylish when I'm pregnant!

Unknown said...

Such a great look, really like the pattern mixing!!! I think I said in one of your other outfit post, that I wasn't able to wear heels, but I take my hats of to moms to be that do (safely) and look fab doing it!!!

Carsedra McKoy:

Kirsty and Seth said...

Those shoes are amazing! And hats off to you for being able to wear them when you're so far on in your pregnancy, I would have been wearing flats from 20 weeks on, ha ha!


Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

You are seriously SO adorable pregnant and super brave for walking in heels! Lol.

Cynthia said...

Hey megan! Just wondering what size you ordered here, bc even with you being fully pregnant I am still a few sizes up haha. Thanks! I'm excited to order one of these beauties! Miss you!