a cake filled with rainbows & smiles

This cake to me represents the love Adam has for me. 
I'm sure of it. 

My birthday didn't really turn out how I wanted it to. 
Seems the older I get, the more disappointing birthdays are. 

I had to go fix the car and run errands, Elijah was nuts as usual and my errands were cut short because I didn't even want to deal with his tantrums anymore, Adam was in school all day and didn't get back til late, I had a big long to-do list for things to get ready for baby, and taking myself {and Elijah} out for lunch turned out to be a huge bomb. 

So I was throwing myself a good pity party & feeling really upset when Adam called to ask what kind of cake I wanted for my birthday. First, I couldn't even believe he didn't even have a cake already planned AND that he had obviously forgotten or ignored my requests when he asked me the same question a few days and weeks before. 

I can't have chocolate, it makes me sick. 
Too much sugar makes me sick. 
I like fruit. 
Something like a strawberry shortcake with whip cream. 

This was my request. 
And I was angry I had to explain it again while yelling at Elijah to stop running down the street. 

I was not a happy person as you can see. 
Yes, I was bitter. 
And hormonal. 
And exhausted. 

So Adam kindly finished the conversation and said he would be home in a little bit. 
Once he got home, he took Elijah inside so I could have some alone time to paint the baby's dresser and stew in my thoughts... I later came inside to a small pile of beautiful presents & this cake that Adam put together. 

I about cried. 

After being so bratty and rude and emotional, Adam still was willing to do all that he could to turn my birthday around and make it special. 
He doesn't really know how to make a cake... but he tried his best and made it so beautiful & presentable as he could. 
I couldn't stop smiling. 
I kept telling him that it was exactly what I wanted. 
And it was! 
He got me. 

I'm so grateful for a loving husband who, after having to deal with an overwhelmed & extremely rude pregnant wife, still makes the biggest efforts to make my birthday special. 
He went out of his way and took the time to show me that he loved me even with all my flaws. 

I feel so undeserving to have Adam as my husband. 
He truly is too good for me and puts up with way too much. 
I love him & could not ask for a better way to end my birthday. 
Even after a rough start, it turned out to be a pretty fantastic day after all. 


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And thank you everyone who entered! 


Kelsey Eaton said...

So sweet!

Sarah said...

My last birthday was similarly as horrible as yours was (I had a bad cold, to boot!). And my husband pulled through with a surprise cake too!!! Thank goodness for loving husbands :).

And I'm super excited to have won your giveaway! Emailing you now :)

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

This is so so beautiful!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Glad he was able to turn you birthday around.

Karina Marie Powell said...

So cute! Good hubby award!!