my big preschooler

It's hard to believe that this chubby faced boy.... 

is now this big & tall scholar.

Elijah finished his first year of preschool and I can't even believe it. 
He loved going to Miss Jennifer's school and talked about her and his school friends every day. Just the other day he even said, "I'm going to tell Miss Jennifer how I saw a crab and hurt my toe in the sand," even though school was already over. He loved telling Miss Jennifer his stories and playing with his friends. 

Seeing how much Elijah grew in this last year is just incredible to me. His language has exploded, he knows his letters & numbers, he can write his name {or the first part at least}, and his behavior has seemed to improve as well [in classroom settings... still working on it at home though...]. He loved preschool so much and I loved seeing him grow & learn each day.

These are some fun snapshots from this last year at school. It's so crazy to see how much he's changed in a short amount of time! Not a little baby anymore.... :(

I totally cried when I dropped him off for his first day of school and then I cried when we had to say bye to his teacher. I'm so grateful to her and her incredible patience & love for Elijah and all the children. She did what I know I couldn't do {and has 100x more patience than I ever hope to have} and both me and Elijah will miss her so much. 

First year of preschool down! On to the next big adventure for this little guy. :)


Kelsey Eaton said...

awh! what is the plan for next year? Also, where can I get some of those eyelashes?! Dang!

Unknown said...

so cute! great photos!

Ashley Ziegler said...

He is a stud! His eyelashes are gonna be a lady killer!

Kirsty and Seth said...

He looks a lot like you, what a gorgeous boy! His eyelashes are incredible, I'm sure he's the envy of many a girl!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

your son is so adorable. It crazy how fast the time is flying by this year.