Some classic Elijah-isms for you today. :) 

"Elijah, stop! You're doing that just to make me mad." 
"Yes I am."
The truth comes out. 

Elijah is very outspoke about how I dress sometimes. 
He told me one day,
"Mom, remember I said I don't like that shirt. You need to go change. Go change it right now while I go to the bathroom."

He also likes to tell me how to wear my hair. 
The other night he was avoiding bedtime and asked me to come in to fix his blanket for the 12th time. When I went in he said,
"Mom, you need to put your hair up like this!"
and showed me how I should put my hair in a ponytail. 
I don't know how to feel about this new opinionated stage we've entered.

Elijah has been waking up at 6:00am or sooner. 
And the first thing he says,
"Hi Mommy! What are we doing today??"
Nothing! Go back to sleep!!! is what my brain is screaming.
{not a morning person}

Elijah knows I hate snakes. 
So naturally whenever there are pictures of snakes he calls me over to look at them. 
And laughs when I squirm and get grossed out. 
He's a sweet kid... 

And a crowning moment in the saga of raising Elijah... 
our friends were watching him one night and when we went to pick him up they said, 
"So, Elijah pooped in the backyard." 

My son, everybody!!


Jodi Glazner said...

When my hair was long, it was in a pony tail every day and Lucas would say, "Can you put your hair down when you're talking to me?" And one day I got dresses and he said, "Yay, you're not wearing boy clothes!" so I knew I had been wearing my basketball shorts too much.

tracystreehouse said...

isn't it comforting to know that 1) your son isn't a liar, 2) he has fashion sense, 3) he truly cares about your appearance!

rotten little kids. gotta love 'em.

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

got to love what kid do and say some time. Never a dull moment around them.