Some of my favorite pictures on my phone are ones where Elijah takes a million pictures of himself making different faces. It's like I'm catching him in his true, uninhibited form as opposed to his fake, cheesy smiles he flashes me with when I try to take pictures of him. He's just the best :) 

It's been a while since I did an Elijah-isms post. 
And made has he had some really awesome saying lately. 
So to brighten everyone's day and for my own book of remembrance I wanted to share some gems :)

One day he told me,
"Mom, let's go to the Circle Store (Target), get an ice, and pick out something for the baby girl." 
He knows my love language!

Elijah has been really into independence lately and doing everything himself.
{Except when he all of a sudden is "too little" aka lazy to do something I ask him to do.}
Part of his independence streak is making his own "lemonade juice" without absolutely ANY help from me (besides pouring the cold water). At first I was pretty against it cause I knew it was just going to be a big mess for me to clean up. But actually, I'm really proud of him for doing it! And he does it well.
So big!

He LOVES singing! And knows all the words to most songs on the radio, especially his favorites. The other day he was even legit harmonizing to One Direction. Hearing his little voice singing his favorite songs is one of my very favorite things about him.

Pretty much very day Elijah asks, "Mom, why is your belly SOOOO big???"

And then he will say,
"I'm going to cut the baby out. When is the baby going to bust through your stomach?"
That was a horrifying image.
So I tried to start the process of telling him how babies actually come out.
And when I said they come out of a hole he started laughing hysterically and thought I was just speaking crazy talk. Which really just made me feel better that we don't have to get into that conversation quite yet..

Even better. This conversation:
E: "I want the baby to come out right now."
Me: "So do I buddy."
E: "When will it come?"
Me: "After Elijah's birthday and daddy's birthday and mommy's birthday then the baby will come."
E: *smacks head* "Ugh!! That's too long!!"
Me: "You're telling me..."

Elijah, listening to the song "Brave" by Sara Barielles asked,
"Mom, what does brave mean?"
"It means you have courage and are strong to do scary things."
"Like when I cut my nails?? That's really scary. But I be a brave boy!"
But seriously cutting his nails is pretty much the most traumatic thing for him lately.

The other day Adam got a small cut and Elijah said,
"Okay. I'll call the firemen. They will help dad and make it all better."
Pro: The firehouse tour taught him all about what firemen do.
Con: Now he wants to call them for every small scrape and problem.

"Mom, I eat more candies (from Easter). But then my tummy hurts. So I'll eat one more and then we can cuddle to make me feel better."

And finally.
Today, Adam fell asleep on the couch and Elijah comes into my bedroom where I was working and whispers, "Mom, SHH! Daddy's sleeping." And if I didn't whisper back to him he would get really mad at me and say, "I said be quiet! Daddy is sleeping!" And then he would go in and check on Adam to make sure he was okay and be all concerned and sweet like.
And all I could think of was... "Where is this kind of compassion when I want to take a nap?!?!"
Anytime I am tired and start to fall asleep during the day, Elijah will climb on me and shake me and squish my face and yell,
"MOM! It's not time for sleeping!! The sun's out!"
I mean, where is the kindness and equality in this situation??

But I guess I can't stay mad at this little face for long


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

kids say the cutest thing. Have a great weekend

Gentri said...

I just love these posts, so much! He's adorable and says the cutest things.

Unknown said...

My little girl is the same way with me taking a nap! My husband can fall asleep and she will leave him alone, but if I try to she won't leave me alone until I get up. So sad