today, Elijah took a suuuuuuper long nap. he even woke up at one point and whined a little but then just went back to sleep.

i was/am shocked.

but can you guess what i did instead of tackling my suuuuuuper long to-do list and my essay due on friday???


ate a whole package of fun-dip by myself while watching iCarly. 

fun dipicarly 

does any part of that sentence surprise you?

cause let’s be honest, it probably shouldn’t.



now that i’m full of processed sugar, maybe i should go actually get some things done….


amber lee said...

Hahaha! That sounds like my kind of "break." :)

Spencer and Sara said...

come over and lets procrastinate our classes together. bring the fun dip.

kirstenanddevin said...

that is awesome!!!! :)