blessings from heaven

when Elijah was first born, we received a lot of free sample cans of formula. at the time, i was thinking it was kind of a waste because my baby was going to be solely breastfed

then reality hit me and as much i really wanted him to only have breast milk, it wasn’t always feasible when i had a class to take and couldn’t always make it home in time for a feeding or was up the whole night before with him and didn’t get a chance to pump.

the formula has also been a huge blessing for the road trips we have taken when we couldn’t pull over and his most recent week-long nursing strike.

although i feel {extremely guilty} giving him formula (especially when i hear other mothers talk about how their babies have never had formula in their life. they will probably have a higher IQ i guess…) we have come to the realization that now we are down to our last container of the 3 that we received.

and guess what people, formula is freaking expensive.

although Elijah mainly nurses, the knowledge of our emergency supply diminishing is troubling. we were dreading the day that we had to actually fork over the money to pay for formula for those {just in case} situations.


i thought our time for free samples was over.

but it’s not.

the gods of free stuff have blessed us again and a little surprise awaited us in our mailbox today.

New Similac Advance 25.7 oz

we are seriously so blessed.

there are a lot of things that have been pressing on my mind lately and much of it having to do with living and finances. it is a stressful time for us and at times i feel very overwhelmed with what lay ahead of us. but i know this simple act of a free box of formula has taught me that the Lord is really watching out for us. He knows our fears and our hopes.

who knew a little can of formula would really make me feel this way?? i guess this is my new life now.

{and i love it.}


Smith said...

You can also sign up for coupons w/ similac. Like $5 off a can. Really comes in handy

Spencer and Sara said...

Drew is solely formula fed :(. I HAVE NO MILK IN THESE BOOOOOOBIES. But like you said it is convenient too- BUT SOO FREAKIN EXPENSIVE. we get it from Costco in the BIGGG containers. dude come over. I haven't seen Elijah in forever. love you.

Jody said...

hi, i am amy sister jody, and yes formula is expensive, trust me, i wanted to breast feed my son, but was unable to, although sometimes wish cause you would be alot cheaper, you would think with him eating baby food now you wouldn't have to buy as much, but you still do..have you tried getting on wic??