{This is how I feel.}


it’s only the second week of school.


i’ve{almost}decided to quit more than once.

having a baby while in school is a lot harder than i thought it would be. i have so much more respect for women who have accomplished such a task.

please tell me how you did it?!?!

p.s. I GOT MY COMPUTER BACK!! wa-cha!!


Melissa said...

i do homework after he goes to bed at 8:00. that's pretty much it. idk how people do it with more than 2 classes.

Courtney said...

i have no idea, but just wanted to say i love seeing pictures of your baby! It makes me happy to see whats going on a state away:) I'm glad we secretly blog stalk eachother...not so secret anymore! (but its not blog stalking if we're actually friends, right???)