what we've been up to lately...

Things have been pretty silent around blogland... 
cause things have been kind of crazy around here. 

[family picture from December 2014]

So here's a bit of an update. 

Adam was busy studying really hard for a really long time to take the Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery exam at the beginning of February. He was at the school for a lot of late nights and early mornings to get ready for the exam and then did amazing! He was actually the only one out of all the other Midwestern students that took it that day to get a really awesome score. I felt really bad about the other students but was really really proud of Adam. 
Made those lonely, single-mother nights & days a little more worth it! 
He also has completed two week-long externships at hospitals in Fresno and in Phoenix for oral surgery to get ready for his applications. 
Yay application process.... {yikes!}

Elijah is all registered for kindergarten next year!! 
I'm really excited for him to have something to do and to learn & grow but am also sad that he's going to be away from me all.day.long That just seems so scary! But I'm his mommy! 
But I'm also excited for a little break.... I mean we can be honest about that, right??
My little baby all grown up... 

Anneli is still a little angel with a penchant for not sleeping through the night. 
But she's so happy and fun and a chubby little beauty. 
And is 8 months this week!!
She's {army} crawling all over the place and super quick if you aren't watching closely. 
She also has picked up growling from her big brother and loves to babble and growl all day long. 
We love her and squish her and are still obsessed to no end. 

And me? 
Well, I'm super exhausted! 
I started babysitting another baby that's a month younger than Anneli which has been fun & tiring all at once. He's a sweet baby boy and it's fun to get some extra cuddles in during the day. :) 
And I've still gotten dressed almost everyday which I think is winning! 

So all in all we're hanging in there! 
We have super big bags under our eyes and can fall asleep at the drop of a hat but we're alive! 

Thanks for sticking with me through this weird, crazy, tiring time! 

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