How We Wore It // Fashion Collaboration

Apparently I don't blog unless I have deadlines. 
Life with babes right?? 

{seriously though how do you other mamas do it???} 

I teamed up with some really fun bloggers to bring you another edition of How We Wore It 
This time we are styling our looks after this cute outfit from Moiology 

And this was my {less glamorous} take on it. 

shirt: c/o Choies // skirt: Forever 21 (long time ago) // shoes: Wal-Mart girl's section 

I was inspired by the colors and the stripes and incorporated that in my look. 
And then I swapped her silvery heels for some more mom-friendly sparkly shoes. 

[Also, I got a tripod for Christmas since Adam is never home in time to take my pictures and I used it for the first time today. But I'm still working out how to focus in right...??? Obviously...]

And oh wait! 
A cute baby!

I think she approves :) 

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Happy Wednesday!!  


bashashhazbaz said...

you less than glamorous attempt is more than adequate to wow the masses! you look gorgeous!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

so gorgeous!!

Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

I seriously love this. I need to get like a million of those skirts to survive the Arizona summers (and falls, and winters, and springs). And I would totally wear those shoes all the time haha. You are so pretty Megan.

Aubrey said...

those shoes are my fave! love your look. i have had a tripod and remote forever, but i can't really seem to get it right. i think i need to use it more to get better with it.

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

You look fabulous.

P.S. My blog has move to

sasha said...

Megan, you look so pretty! I love your take on the outfit I did. I'm so flattered you guys did a spin on it. :)