blur of happiness

This girl! 
{heart eyes for dayssssssss} 

These pictures are blurry because there's just so much happiness in it. 

We are obsessed with this baby girl! 
Even though she doesn't sleep much and doesn't take a bottle or pacifier...
[hence part of the reason that this blog is so neglected cause my whole life is a blur!]
I still just love her so.dang.much. 

This picture is kind of old but she is 7 months old now. 
How is she 7 months?!?! 
Can't handle it. 

Some things I want to remember about Baby Anneli at 6 months of age: 

- she's a rolly polly little girl. and an excellent army crawler. she tries to move around errrrrrywhere

- LOVES bath time!! she gets sooooo excited when we get ready for baths and squeals the whole time. it's stinking cute and pretty much my favorite thing in the world. 

- I have to hold her top hand while I'm nursing or else she gets too excited grabbing my face and trying to eat my shirt. it's pretty precious though. 

- she's a little screecher and squealer allll day. still just a little bird. 

- her legs are so chubby and ridiculous it's almost unhealthy looking. and I want to munch on them.

- most of her hair (her precious little mohawk) has fallen out except a strip in the back and some random long strands on top. the rest is coming in like little peach fuzz and it's of course adorable. 

- happiest, smiliest baby around! she hardly cries unless she's hungry or getting tired (which is basically the same thing cause she will just nurse to sleep). or if she gets squished too hard.. ;) 

- she loves spitting and blowing raspberries. and she does it with her tongue sticking out on the side. it's the cutest thing in the world and i'm not biased or anything. 

- at her 6 month appointment she was: 16 lbs. and 26.5 in. 
chubby & sweet :) 

- she is so mild tempered and easily entertained. she will roll around on the floor for a half hour to an hour and be perfectly content. and if she needs to sit on our lap, she just sits there! doing nothing! hardly even yells. she just sits and is happy and calm. I don't even know what to do with that!

Basically Anneli is pretty perfect and we can't get enough of her. 
We are so so grateful she came into our little family and we feel so complete with her. 
She's the best!


Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

she's such a sweetie!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

she adorable. I can't believe she 7 months already.