neon, gingham, and... leopard???

sweater: Target clearance last year // shirt: c/o Fresh Produce clothing // jeans: Wal-Mart last year (for $3!!) // necklace: c/o That's So Fab (similar here) // shoes: thrifted // clutch: c/o PS I Adore You

I told Adam that this outfit made me feel like a legit fashion blogger. 
I mean I got the layers, the gingham, the color, and of course the gorgeous statement necklace.
His response: "You have take tons of pictures and NOW you feel legit??" 


Of course I had to put my own spin on this trendy look with lots of different patterns and texture.
I think it works well together, thought, without it being too in your face because it is all very subtle. 
The floral print & raised texture of the sweater is all the same color so it can blend well, the gingham is shown in small details at the sleeves and collar, and then the leopard print in these jeans is also the same color so it just adds that small bit of detail once you see it up close. 

And it all plays into the real eye-catching piece of this outfit: that awesome fan fringe necklace that brings in all the colors perfectly! 

So basically what I mean by all this babbling is... 
I was really proud of this outfit!
I definitely think it's one of my favorites so far. :) 

And Adam even approved so win-win! 
Minus he said the heels were a little much for a casual date to the movies. 


Zalika said...

This is a ten on ten look. I love every piece in this outfit. Like literally every single piece! The necklace. OMG!!

Kelsey Eaton said...

hot dang girlfriend!

Ashley Ziegler said...

LOVE this outfit. Haha I love all of his comments. I'm sure if I took pictures of my outfits, Brady would make the same comments. *sigh...* husbands!

Amber Marie said...

we have the same necklace. with three kids i've given up on high heels!

Kathleen said...

Love, love, love! I would wear everything as well! Perfect!

Kathleen said...

Love, love, love! I would wear everything as well! Perfect!

Anonymous said...

Holy moly I LOVE this! Your hair, the heels, the outfit, everything is perfect!!

Kirsty and Seth said...

You look amazing!

Jane said...

Love! You have such great style!