It's been a while since I shared some of my favorite recent Elijah-isms. 
And after these last couple of weeks being kind of doozies, I feel like I need a reminder that Elijah can be a pretty cool kid sometimes. :) 

So some of my favorite Elijah-isms: 

The other week I wasn't feeling very good and was lying on the floor. Elijah came over and put a pillow under my head, covered me with a blanket, and then gave me his special blankie to "help you feel better, mom." He even brought me water and then cuddled up next to me. 
I mean, if that's not the sweetest thing ever I don't know what is. 

I was brushing Eli's teeth and told him to open his mouth wide like a hippopotamus. He said, "No, Mom! Hippos don't eat toothpaste." 
He's not wrong. 

We got to go see Santa a couple of weeks ago and yes, I cried. And what did Elijah ask for? 
"Toys, blue toys." 
So that narrows it down. 

He told me one day,
"Mom, I love candy and chocolate and candy canes and candy from church!" 

For his preschool Christmas party, the whole class sang Jingle Bells and We Wish You A Merry Christmas for the parents. I cried again. 

Lately he keeps asking me if we can go see Santa's Workshop and gets really upset when I tell him it's too far away. Who knows what cartoon he learned that from... (since that's all he does is watch cartoons. :/) Tis the season! 

He's really adamant about helping and watching me in the kitchen lately. It's fun and annoying at the same time honestly. Fun cause he can be really helpful and funny. But annoying cause he dumps salt or pepper into everything. Gross. 

And lastly, soon Elijah is going to be in the big-kid primary at church!! They did a practice round last Sunday and he looked so little in there with all the other big kids. 
Yes, I cried again. 

Happy Friday!


Unknown said...

I teared up reading this! Rory just went into nursery and I cried I can't can't imagine how I will feel when she's a SUNBEAM!

Amberly said...

Ah, he's going to be a SUNBEAM?!?! We get all of the graduating Sunbeams in a couple of weeks and I'm SO excited!!!

Karin said...

Aww I LOVE hearing about all the sweet things he does, and all the ridiculously adorable things he says! I always read them out loud to my husband :) So cute!

Unknown said...

You make me laugh how often you cry. :)