casual peplum

skirt: Target clearance // shirt: Wal-Mart // shoes: Old Navy // hand-stamped necklace: c/o ideclare! // heart necklace: Forever 21 

 When I first got this skirt I immediately knew that it would be a fun piece to dress up or down.
I know when I first think of a pencil skirt, especially a peplum skirt, I think it is only going to be suitable for nice, dressy occasions. 
But this skirt is sooooo comfy with its knit fabric that I thought it was a perfect candidate for a fun, casual outfit during the week running errands. 

And I honestly love it!
It's one of my favorite combos and it helps me feel just a little bit more like a fun, sassy woman while out grocery shopping instead of just the lazy mom that I am. :) 

My other favorite new piece is my ideclare! necklace. 
They surprised me with this gorgeous hand-stamped necklace with mine & Adam's initials on it and Elijah's name on the other charm. I couldn't be more happy with it!
I may or may not have cried when I first saw it...
It's so delicate and beautiful and keeps the two most important people close to my heart. 

I know it's cutting it a bit close, but these personalized necklaces make great gifts, for Christmas or other holidays :). I'm positive you or other women your life would love it. 

Also... can you believe Christmas is next week?!?! 
This is all happening too fast. 

Hope you all are more on top of Christmas preparations than me! 


holli h. said...

totally got that skirt (in pink) on clearance too, and i love it :)

Sydney said...

That skirt is adorable! On the Target website, I noticed that it's a petite it pretty short? I can't tell from pictures.

AVY said...

Such a cute color combination <3


Unknown said...

This is one of my FAV outfits of yours! But wait... your entire closet is my fav. xoxo

Vicki Wilde said...

Stopping by from Style Sessions! Love your skirt, the peplum is so pretty and cute! Love how you styled it in this look.

<3 Vicki

Imogen said...

Beautiful outfit. I love pink and blue together. The peplum is really stylish too.

Leanne R said...

That's a Target skirt?! No way. You look great!

Christi Pobst said...
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Christi Pobst said...

I love the peplum skirt, I have been wanting something peplum for a while but I can't ever fin the right one. You are gorgeous.

Megan said...

Hey Sydney! I don't know if you'll check back here but I wanted to answer your question. :) I actually think my skirt might not be the petite one... but I put that link cause it had the different color options. There is a regular one that's not petite but it only comes in gray. Here's the link:

The one I have, which I don't think it petite, comes right above my knees and is a great length I think. Still very modest :)

Hope that helps!

Kate said...

This skirt is super cute! I love the color of it.