Halloween 2014

[we don't really have pictures of our Halloween cause we're the lamest (see post below). but at our church trunk-or-treat they had a photo booth so we jumped on that bandwagon :)]

Our Halloween was pretty busy but low-key as well. 
Elijah was SO excited to be the Red Mega-Force Power Ranger & was practicing all his alien-fighting karate moves for a week ;) 
He wanted all of us to dress up but... we were just too lazy. 
So although we didn't get pictures of it all, Adam dressed up as a nerd, I was just a crazy Halloween mommy (I wore black and weird make-up), and Anneli wore her pumpkin pajamas. 
I know, all the awards. 

I kind of felt like the lamest mother ever because we didn't do anything that I had planned. 
Last year we had a "13 Days of Halloween" countdown and did lots of fun things every day. 
But this year I pulled it out too late and then was just too tired to even do anything. 
We barely even carved pumpkins... Adam did all of ours last minute.
Thankfully, Elijah is still young and doesn't quite have high expectations yet. 
Plus all the different Halloween parties and trick-or-treating entertained him enough. 
Despite my feeling guilty that I didn't do anything fun for my family, Elijah told me every day the week of Halloween,

I'm so grateful for my little boy who finds simple pleasure in the little things. 
I'm so grateful he thinks we are awesome and has a fun life even if we didn't do anything Pinterest worthy. 
{I'm even more grateful he doesn't know what Pinterest is and to judge my mothering skills by}
And I'm so grateful that this sweet boy teaches me the most important life lessons every day. 

He drives me nuts, but man I love that boy!

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Mila said...

Darling costumes. Sounds like your Halloween was a blast!