Elijah is definitely still keeping us entertained as usual.
Here are some quality quotes from him as of late :)

He's definitely a child of the modern age.
Anywhere we are or whatever we do he will say, "Take my picture, Mom!"
His favorite subject to take a picture with is Anneli {of course}.
And recently we went to Target and he climbed up on of those balls out in front and he wouldn't get off until I took his picture.
I raised a monster.

I was introducing Elijah to the wonder of "Hook" the other night. He was confused why the kids were yelling while their dad was on the phone. Obviously we've had lots of talks about being quiet while mom is on the phone... No acting like children here!

After watching part of the Hulk one night, Elijah, while showing me pictures on the DVD case, said,
"Okay, Mom. That guy used that green thing to turn to the Hulk. Cause he eats his vegetables. And baby Hulks can't eat you but big Hulks can. But babies won't. So that's why you eat your fruits and vegetables so you can use that green thing to turn to the Hulk."

He makes up songs for Anneli to calm her down and while he's playing describing what he's doing.
I'm obsessed with his little high pitched voice and the way he holds out his notes.
I hope it never changes!

He LOVES talking to Anneli and trying to play with her. If she's awake, he's right by her side tickling her cheek trying to get her to smile. Even if she's not awake, he's right by her side. He also has taken it upon himself to be the only that can bounce her in the bouncer. He gets really mad when we take over. And Anneli loves him back just as much! It's so funny to see those two together.

Any time I mix something in the kitchen or get the blender out, Elijah thinks he needs to wear those noise canceling ear muffs. He will never give those up.

During lunch one day:
"Elijah, the pasta has to cook longer or else it will be too hard to eat."
"But remember? Miss Susan said, 'You can do hard things.' So I can eat it. Just try it."
"Well yeah, you can do hard things but you can't eat hard things."

One day Elijah told me that he needed to exercise and pulled out my yoga mat and dvd and started following the instructor on the TV. He is much better than I am.

Elijah spelling his name: "E-I-L-J-Q-H."
Close enough.

After asking Elijah questions about school he says, "I'm not talking anymore."
"Why not?"
"Cause that's enough talking."
Definitely a boy.

One day he said to me,
"Mom, you gonna have 10 babies and I'm gonna squish them all. Cause I'm a squisher."
And he would too.

That kid is constant entertainment! 


Amberly said...

The last one is my favorite!!! He seems like such a good big brother!!!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

love reading the latest on Elijah

Amber Marie said...

He's a Robinson, it is genetic to be a squisher.