love the babe

thank you all for that {much needed} support and love

I feel a lot better than before and although I still get kind of down, I remember your sweet words of encouragement and know that I am truly blessed

my life isn't perfect but I can choose to be perfectly happy with it

and this little guy does wonders to a unhappy heart.

he makes everything so {worthwhile}

little giggles from Megan Robinson on Vimeo.


Spencer and Sara said...

SOOOOOO CUUUTEEEE. i laughed out loud he is so cute. i love his little laugh.

Melissa said...

um this is precious. and he really does sound like zak here. so crazy. and cute. =) we have cute babies.

Laurie said...

I just want to pick him up and squish him. I laughed right along with him.

Jenny said...

Holy cow, he's so cute! I love it when babies laugh like that!

Amber Marie said...

that is so so so cute! good job grabbing the camera on that one. those wide eyes kill me every time.

Tan + Es said...

What a sweetie!