Let's be friends.



Heather B said...

Read you post on Mrs. T's blog today. Thanks for sharing your heart so openly and honestly! I can relate to feeling a little lost after having my son three months ago. Sometimes I just don't feel like it's worth it to even have a shower!! But I'm trying hard to do one little thing for myself each day. Blogging is great outlet for that too isn't it? I think that's why so many mommies love it.

Erin Robinson said...

Did a google search for heres to you mrs robinson and found you. Great minds must think alike as I just opened up a etsy page Heres2uMrsRobinson.

Just wanted to let you know that there are other Mrs. Robinsons out there challenging themselves to balance careers, creativity and motherhood.

All the best to you.

The Cantelmo Family said...

I'm enjoying your blog. How much do you charge for sponsors?

Kris said...

Saw your comment on my Mrs. Robinson blog and hand to return the favor and say "nice to meet you!"

I have two grown children, 18 and 20 and have balanced motherhood and career all of those years. It is a struggle, but the journey is an amazing one and you'll learn a LOT about yourself along the way.

I look forward getting to know you through your blog and if i have any words of wisdom along the way, I'll be sure to chime in :-)

We Mrs. Robinsons have to stick together!

cpalmisanodillard said...

Thank you so much for your honesty! While I haven't had to face some of the demons you have encountered, parenting isn't always sunshine and light and cuddly kisses.

Just like in marriage sometimes we have to choose to like our kids even when we don't really (but always love them!).