little boy messes & Viva Vantage

Living with a little boy gets pretty disgusting at times. 
I swear that kid just attracts all the dirt, messes, and germs around him. 
Like really he's gross. 

{And crazy & cute obviously. :)}

Popsicle drips, soap & pasta sauce all over the sink, dirt on his hands and nails, food all over the table & floor, snot... just sick & annoying messes everywhere. 

Thankfully I have a way to combat the onslaught of Elijah messes everyday. 
Viva Vantage paper towels. 

I used to use an other brand because it was easy and cheap. 
But I found that I was using a lot of sheets for simple messes because I didn't feel like one could do a good enough job. 
So one time I decided to try Viva paper towels on a whim from Walmart because they seemed to have a good deal going on. And honestly, I am hooked. 

Viva Vantage paper towels are thick and stretchy and are great at cleaning up messes. They are made with a revolutionary V-Flex Weave that gives enough stretch for strong scrubbing power. 
It just takes one small sheet to clean up seemingly big messes and can really take a beating.

Plus they're perfect for cleaning up all the sticky drips of Elijah's multiple popsicles he eats a day. 
And I mean that literally. 
He eats at least 3 popsicles a day probably...
And attracts all the ants. 

What's your go-to cleaning product? 
Consider making Viva Vantage part of your cleaning routine and test out it's scrubbing power!

Thank you Viva Vantage and Walmart for sponsoring this post and helping me clean up my messes!


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

hope you are doing well

AlexisKS said...

That picture of you is ADORABLE!!! And seriously, kids are a MESS! Also, these look great!