Freeze Fest

Last night, me and Adam went to BYU's Freeze Fest at the skating rink. It was free and so it was wonderful! There were so many people there looking to partake in such wonderful freeness (dang moochers!) that we had to get wrist bands to go on the ice at certain times. We got there around 9:30 but didn't get to actually skate until almost 11. Which kind of stunk..... but they had other free activities to keep us busy. Good ol' BYU. Always thinking....
We took a group picture with some random people but they haven't posted it yet on the website. So I will get it to you when I can find it. Me and Adam wore reindeer antlers. One of Adam's antlers was broken. It looked great.
We got to decorate cookies. But then I put too much frosting on mine and so it was kind of gross... but still good!

We also got some hot chocolate and drank it while we looked at all the ice skaters. Some may or may not have been kind of crazy by the way... People watching is always fun though.
While we were watching people, Josh Groban was singing his little heart out over the speakers and it compelled me to start singing. Earlier that day I had to sing for the preshow for Christmas Around the World and I was telling Adam how bad it was. He told me he thought I was a very good singer. But when I started busting out to Josh, he immediately put his hand over my mouth and told me he totally regreted that decision. It was pretty funny. I was crying from laughing so hard. He actually does think I'm a good singer (when I'm not really), I was just purposefully singing really awful to Josh.

We finally had the chance to skate and it was fun. At first they gave me 2 different sizes. Adam tried to convince me it was just my feet. But I assured him that I am not THAT messed up. I hadn't skated for a long time so I was kind of nervous at first. Especially when Adam told me I better not fall on my butt. So much pressure! But I didn't fall. Adam was good. He kind of dragged me along some of the time.
We also had a race where I was totally on my way to cream Adam when he snuck up behind for the kill. Sneaky boy. Adam then tried to teach me how to skate backwards but it was a worthless effort. But, I do know how to spin! Which I proudly showed Adam until I almost fell. Then he showed me his and it was actually better. I have no glory in anything! Also, when you guys go ice skating, does it seem like there's always that one or two guys that are really good and pass you up all the time/almost knock you over cause they're going so fast? Had a couple of those. Showoffs.

Adam promised that we would go back to work on some tricks since there were too many people. But I can deal with a lot of people there since it was freeeeeeeee. And it was fun. Let's not forget that. Free and Fun!

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